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Being a registered architect Adrian Zenere established Archizen Architects in 1998 designing the care built environment and boutique residential developments. Adrian’s parents were born in Lavis, Trentino-Alto Adige and Caldogno, Veneto both northern regions of Italy and immigrated to Australia over 65 years ago - so with Adrian’s rich Italian heritage it was only natural that he would want to incorporate an authentic Italian cannoli bar in his architectural design studio and share not only his love of architecture & design but also his appreciation of great Italian caffe' and some of his favourite Italian food he grew up with. 


Amber spent over 10 years working in restaurants and as hotel management for international hotels Hyatt, Hilton and Sheraton both here in Sydney as well as in Auckland, London and New York. Prior to joining Archizen Architects in 2005 Amber spent 10 years working for Qantas Airways as cabin crew and inflight services training. Drawing on her 20 years of airline & hospitality experience and 13 years of business experience plus being immersed in the Italian culture for over 2 decades where she has come to love all things Italian she often says that you don't have to be Italian to appreciate the coffee, food, architecture & design. Like Adrian it just made sense to her to open an Italian espresso and cannoli bar in Archizen Architect’s design studio.........and Piccolo Cannoli Bar, Sydney's first cannoleria was born!

Being a family business with both their sons Zack and Blake and Nonno Gregorio and Nonna Angelina, all lending a helping hand Adrian and Amber did not want to create just any cannoleria for their customers...they wanted an authentic Italian cannoli bar where the owners care about their customers, where the local community are welcomed and treated like family, where everyone knows your name and they’re always glad you came. 

They wanted to create the same experience found in the caffé bars scattered throughout Venice, Milan and northern Italy from the ornate pressed metal ceilings to the marble counters but within a new contemporary architectural environment. The same kind of espresso and cannoli bars Adrian’s parents would frequent when they were younger, the kind that were steeped in history & Italian tradition. Recognising the need for fast friendly 'grab & go' service they consciously designed Piccolo Cannoli Bar for efficiencies and modern day convenience with their busy customer’s 'on-the-go' lifestyles in mind.

Archizen Espresso Cannoleria Cannoli Bar Dessert Bar Di Lorenzo Coffee Caffe Cannolo Italian Artisanal Food Cannoli Towers South Hurstville Sydney

Nobody makes espresso coffee like the Italians! Coffee was first introduced to Europe in Venice during the 1600s. In 1645 a coffee shop opened in Venice, becoming the first European coffee house aside from those in the Ottoman Empire. Coffee soon became very popular throughout the region and coffee houses in many Italian towns such as Milan, Padova, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Rome and Naples started to open.

Piccolo Cannoli Bar's choice of coffee is Di Lorenzo Caffe’ one of the best quality boutique artisan roasters in Sydney who focus on consistency and 100% taste. Their unique blend delivers the rich flavours, aromas and crema of Italian espresso. And with Archizen Espresso's baristas always striving for the perfect extraction their customers experience caffe' by design just like Italians do, making this sacred pastime part of their daily ritual. 

Piccolo Cannoli Bar brings authentic artisanal Italian coffee, cannoli, arancini and gelati to Sydney's southern suburb of South Hurstville. Supporting local Italian artisan caffe' roasters and gelati makers who use traditional recipes as well as local suppliers who share the same ethos, social and environmental responsibility and to source only quality ingredients. 

Simply Italian, Piccolo Cannoli Bar believes 'amore is in the detail'. Offering authentic Italian coffee, biscotti, gelato made with fresh milk, fresh cream and fresh fruit plus cannoli prepared fresh daily with vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut custard and Nonna Angelina's secret ricotta cannoli cream recipe used in their popular classic ricotta, espresso walnut and caramel almond cannoli all made with love and care. 

Having developed an enormous amount of respect and passion for their work through dedication, love and pride Piccolo Cannoli Bar also offer premium teas, gelatoshakes, cannoli kits and their signature cannoli towers for family baby showers, christenings, baptisms, holy communions, confirmations, birthdays, engagements, weddings etc. They also provide Italian gourmet gifts and catering.

Archizen Espresso Cannoleria Cannoli Bar Cannoli Towers Cannolo South Hurstville Sydney  Archizen Espresso Cannoleria Cannoli Bar Cannoli Towers Cannolo South Hurstville Sydney  Archizen Espresso Cannoleria Cannoli Bar Cannoli Towers Cannolo South Hurstville Sydney

Buon Appetito! 

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